Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Family Photoshoot

My friend Maura is a photographer, and she had a great idea to do babywearing related photo shoots for our local group. We couldn't pass up the awesome discount, and since we didn't have any professional photos of our family yet, we decided this would be a great opportunity.

So here are some fabulous shots that we will be incorporating into our Christmas card. I'm so happy with the way they turned out!

My favorite!
Daddy and his canvas Dino Tula

Thank goodness for photoshop, because it was pretty warm in the botanical gardens that day, and it's all uphill. Sweat city. Which hopefully excuses my really crappy wrap job. :)

Friday, October 4, 2013

9 Months Old

Ready for my close up!
James' four (FOUR) new top teeth are in. It was really, really rough. I mean, I'm sure it wasn't great for him either, but man oh man I was ready to pull my hair out. With his bottom teeth we didn't have nearly the same drama - but he wasn't getting both at the same time. So yeah. It sucked. I am not normally a medication person when it comes to pain relief, but I finally gave in to Motrin for the worst nights. Motrin is your friend.

We had our first date night on our 3 year anniversary - September 18 (so I guess this would fall under the 8 month post, but just roll with me here). My parents came up and watched James while we went out to dinner and then walked around at the mall. I think we were gone for a total of 2 hours (maybe it was only 1.5) and I probably checked my phone every 5 minutes. I knew he was fine, but I was a little nervous leaving him since he doesn't take a bottle. But he was fine, and my parents had a great time with their grandson. And Brian and I had a lovely date night! Happy 3 years my dear!

swag swag swag
I got to go to Mommycon LA as a VIP for my early birthday present. So we all drove down to the LA Convention Center on Oct 5, and James and I made a day of it while Daddy went to visit his mom. I got the VIP ticket because I heard we would be getting free stuff, and I wanted to meet the speakers, but I had no idea it would be so much stuff! We spent the night at Brian's mom's house and then we all went to the general admission day on Sunday. We set the babywearing world record! Overall it was worth it, although pretty exhausting. My favorite was hearing Jessica of The Leaky Boob speak (so inspiring), and meeting Jillian of Paxbaby. And the rumors are finally confirmed...Jillian is a Catholic convert. :)
Jillian of Paxbaby.com - babywearing guru and Catholic mom to 7!
January of Birth Without Fear

We had our 9 month pediatrician visit. That was crap, for lack of a better word. The nurse weighed him, told us he was underweight, and that the doctor would probably recommend supplementing. I asked her what chart she was using (it had a giant advertisement for Enfamil on it, so I already knew) and she had no idea. Then when the doctor came in - it wasn't our doctor! He didn't introduce himself or explain, and finally I said "I don't think we've met you before" and then he explained that our pediatrician had retired. Um...WHAT? Thanks for the notice! It pretty much went downhill from there. The ped didn't even look at James before going into his "low weight" speech, telling me he should be sleeping through the night in his own crib, and that it was time to night wean him. What. The. Eff.

Needless to say we scrapped that guy and found a new pediatrician who is a TON better. She isn't concerned with his weight at all. First of all, he IS on the WHO growth chart (which is for breastfed babies - who tend to be leaner as they get older). And he's just proportionally small, but she said that's totally fine. He's obviously healthy and meeting milestones.

James and his big head...uh, I mean brain
The only "issue" is that he still isn't crawling, and lately he hasn't wanted to stand either. She thinks it might be because he's so used to jumping in his jumperoo, so he associates standing with bouncing, therefore picks his legs up when we try to get him to stand. So we are putting the jumperoo away for the time being and doing more tummy time and using an exercise ball (her recommendation). Still though, she said some babies are just later than others, and she wouldn't worry about it or recommend any physical therapy unless he still wasn't crawling at a year.

So, that's where we are for now!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

8 Months Old

Always the character
Here are some of the new things in James' baby life:

We got our first woven wrap. I was really intimidated by wrapping and had only been using SSCs and mei tais. But, a local mom was offering a beautiful Oscha Alto Blackthorn for an amazing price and I couldn't pass it up! And lo and behold, with a little practice, I'm actually really loving it! Oh, and I got a wrap conversion ring sling too - which has been awesome for Mass. 

James has been experimenting with noises. He's even babbling using multiple syllables. My favorite is "duh-oy" :) As you can see, he's always very animated when talking.

He is also occasionally signing for milk. Sometimes he only does it when he's already really upset, or when he's already nursing, but we are making progress. We aren't really doing baby signs, but I have been consistent with the milk sign. Because honestly, that's really all he wants anyway. Although we have been experimenting with solids, but aren't really pushing it.

Still no crawling around here, though he seems to be tolerating tummy time and is rolling a bit more. He also kicks his back legs and can rotate in place. He's just taking his sweet time, but I guess I shouldn't complain since we haven't had to babyproof the house yet.

There's lots of teething going on. He seems to be working on all 4 of his top teeth, which has made for a lot of sleepless nights for Mom.

Now that he's mastered sitting up, he's interacting a lot more with other babies, which is SO cute. He also really likes older kids which is surprising to me since he doesn't really know any. But he is always laughing and giggling and reaching for them if they come over to him. It almost makes me want to have another one...you know, once he starts sleeping ;)

Sunday, August 4, 2013

7 Months Old

Here we are on the Submarine, looking at fishies!
James had quite the adventure in August just after his 7 month birthday - his first vacation! We went to Catalina Island with Brian's whole family for a week and it was a lot of fun.

He went swimming in a pool (that was heated quite nicely!) for the first time at the condo. We didn't try the ocean because it was a little too cold. But he really enjoyed the pool and was all smiles and kicks. He is such a water baby. 

Love our canvas Tula
He also learned to sit up on his own while we were on our vacation, much to my delight. Now I just plop him down on his play mat and hand him some toys! It's like a whole new world has been opened up for him. I can't wait for him to start crawling!

Papa has taught him how to wave goodbye! It's pretty impressive. He only does it about 50% of the time, but it's definitely a wave. He's generally pretty happy, but we have had a definite sleep regression, and he is getting up multiple times a night, so that's been pretty hard on me. :( But, he sure is cute.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

6 Months Old

We've survived parenthood for half a year! I'm pretty impressed with myself, obviously. There were a few times where I was sure we weren't going to make it...but thankfully James's cuteness pulled me through. :)

He never stops moving. Ever.

Silly smiles. 

James is now sitting up unassisted for short times, and I'm always there to catch him when he inevitably tips over. Baby tipping! Sometimes he evens stands with assistance - definitely working on some leg muscles over here. He has been LOVING his jumperoo and will bounce in that for 45 minutes or so, playing with the toys and looking around. That toys has been a lifesaver, and I'm so glad he's finally enjoying one of the baby gear items we purchased. Can't say the same for the swing or bumbo haha.

Tummy time, aka tortute, isn't too popular here. He usually lasts about two minutes before shrieking to be picked up, or he just rolls over. He doesn't really roll over from back to tummy, but then, why would he? He hates it! :)

Four days after turning 6 months James got his first bottom tooth! It was relatively easy, actually. He had about two rough nights and then voila, there it was one morning. We were pretty shocked when Brian discovered it (James bit his finger - ouchie!). He now has his two bottom teeth, and it is the cutest thing ever.

We've been doing a lot of play dates since car rides are less stressful now that he's enjoying his convertible carseat. We're in a local babywearing group and a nursing moms group and it has done me a world of good to get out of the house and spend time with other moms who are going through the same things we are. The nursing group is run by an RN and IBLCE (who is nursing her second son at almost 3 years!) so if we have any questions or concerns it's easily addressed. I highly recommend all moms join groups like this!

Half a year - can you believe it?